Azarakhsh Tejarat Namdar Co. is a private company established in 1981 as an independent company. Azarakhsh Tejarat Namdar is active in supplying raw materials for the chocolate and confectionery
industries. And, provide needed materials and products according to health standards and protocols. Also, provide creative new products like Popping candy for these industries to promote their market and diversity.

Having the advantages of an expert and responsible team this company always has tried to update companies with new technical and scientific information to help them have access to the newest achievements and products. During 45 years of experience, this company has many mutual projects with European and Asian foreign companies to import and export food raw materials, products, and finished products and provide needed materials for native or foreign clients

Azarakhsh Tejarat Co. With more than 40 years experince is a well known company active in Food industry specially chocolate and confectionary field.
We have supplied many reputable clients with the best quality raw materials also some new priducts like popping candy.
Also we have exported some native product like Ketira

Our activities in the field of production of raw materials, additives, improvements and… the industry of chocolate and non-alcoholic drinks are more than thirty-five years. Currently, our main product is spark candy, which is used in:

– All kinds of chocolates and dragees

Beverage industries

– T Bag 

– Dairy products, ice cream, yogurt

Spark candy can be sold in bulk and in small packages depending on your order.

– Sparkling candy breaks when placed in the mouth and comes into contact with saliva, causing a sound and a very mild burning sensation in the mouth.

The use of sparkling candy in sweets and chocolates – chocolate balls – wafers with nuts – ice creams, toffees and chocolates with nuts – and ice packs in coffee shops and…

Sparkling candy is placed in the core of all kinds of chocolates and jeffers, etc., and gives a good feeling when eaten.

Contact us for more information about consumption and products produced using spark candy and the variety of granules in terms of color and taste and to see the catalog.